Better in Bundles Diaper Service was founded in 2017 to provide weekly home delivery of cloth diapers to Connecticut families.  If you are interested in using cloth diapers but don’t want to deal with washing them and are looking to eliminate trips to the store Better in Bundles Diaper Service is the answer you are looking for.

There are numerous articles and websites to help you make the decision of whether cloth diapers are right for your little one and I encourage you to become informed when making this decision.  When you have made the decision to use cloth we are here to make it easier.

To start we will provide you with a diaper pail, a large diaper bag to store soiled cloths, a travel size diaper bag to store soiled cloths, and an ample supply of cotton or organic cotton diapers and cotton or organic cotton wipes.  We will also supply instructions on how to use them.

Each week we will come to your home or other designated location and exchange the soiled diapers and wipes and supply you with fresh ones.  The amount you receive will be the same as the amount used and you can always request more or less based on usage.

Our diapers and wipes can be either cotton or organic cotton.  They come in new born and larger sizes.  They are rectangular pre-folds.  We wash the diapers in BioKleen laundry powder which is a highly effective non-irritating product that is ecologically superior to other detergents on the market.  We do not use bleach, scents or fabric softeners and rinse each load again after washing to insure there is no residue on the diapers and wipes before drying. As an additional environmentally conscious decision we hang dry our diapers and wipes in the sun to reduce the carbon footprint, but for your babies comfort we fluff them in a dryer after they are dry to make our diapers the cleanest and softest they can be.