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No matter if you are expecting your first, have been using disposables, or need a break from laundry Better in Bundles is here to help.  For about the same cost as buying disposable diapers in the store we offer a weeks supply of freshly cleaned diapers directly to your door; saving you trips to the store as well as the hassle of washing them yourself. We return weekly to pick up the soiled ones and exchange them for clean ones.

In addition to setting the service up for yourself, friends and family can set up an account for someone they love as a loving and practical gift to young families.  The first two weeks are paid in advance with along with a deposit (incase the start up supplies are never returned).  As soon as your little one is out of diapers or you no longer want the service your deposit is returned.  If you choose to keep the supplies all you need to do is cancel the service and the deposit will go to the purchase (in case you find it better for your family to wash them yourself).

There are different payment options based on what works best for your family.  They include week to week payed the week before. Month to month paid at the beginning of the month. Or if you have tried the first two weeks and are sure you want to continue a year of diaper service can be paid for all at once (this is an especially good option if it is a gift for someone you love).

Discounts are available to clients diapering more than one bottom.  Discounts are also available if you refer new clients in your area!

Delivery will be on the same day every week and there is no need to be home as long as it is safe to leave the supplies at the door.  As a mother of 4 there might be interruptions in service due to illness or vacation, but your supply will be ample enough to carry you until I can get there again.  If you are running out of your supply please contact us before you have less than 10 diapers left and I will make a special trip to restock you.

If you have never tried cloth diapers we can set up a time to come and demonstrate the products and how they work.  There are hundreds of diaper covers on the market and we don’t feel comfortable with up charging our customers by selling them through our service.  So please plan to buy 3 to 10 diaper covers to make the service work for you.  You might also want to buy a wipe warmer, which if you use the cloth wipes that we provide works great at keeping the wipes moist and warm.  While we do not use scents, essential oils and olive oil (or jojoba oil) can be added to warm water at home to per-miosen wipes.

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